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Review :. Do you want to write a report about this book? Write report Name :. Title :. Report optional :. Report File: optional. On the itinerary were London , Paris and Rome , each of which boasted some of the world's greatest museums. And Ripley made sure he saw as many of them as time would allow.

His work soon attracted great notoriety. Many people who wrote to Ripley included their own drawings, in the hope that he would be inspired to use their ideas for a Ripley's Believe It or Not! In , young Peanuts creator Charles Schulz was first published when he sent in a cartoon about his dog Sparky's ability to eat pins, tacks, screws and razor blades.

Sparky served as the model for Schulz's world-famous cartoon character, Snoopy. During his broadcasting career, Ripley celebrated many firsts. He was the first to broadcast on a nationwide network from mid-ocean, the first to broadcast from Buenos Aires to New York and the first to broadcast to every nation in the world simultaneously, assisted by a corps of linguists who translated his message.

Prior to that, he spent a season playing Rick on the popular series Beverly Hills His parents divorced before his birth and he and brother, Roger Cain, were adopted by their stepfather, director Christopher Cain. His name before adoption was Dean George Tanaka. Like Ripley, Dean was interested in sports and was interested in a professional football career until a knee injury at training camp ended the possibilty of playing for the Buffalo Bills.

He graduated from Princeton with a degree in History. Cain made his feature film debut in in the critically acclaimed independent film The Stone Boy, starring Robert Duvall and Glenn Close and directed by Cain's stepfather, Chris Cain. He recently in completed the film Flight of Fancy and the thriller Militia, co-starring Jennifer Beals. Phebe Ripley taught Latin and Greek to a class of Harvard students while peeling potatoes with her hands and rocking a baby cradle with her foot because she didn't believe in wasting time Enter your search terms Submit search form Answer according to Robert L.

Ripley: "Boob-bookkeeper" an incompetent bookkeeper is a word that contains 5 double letters in a row! A woman and 2 toddlers who live in government-assisted housing in Stoke-On-Trent, England, have had to put up with about 50 slugs almost every morning for 2 years.

Contractors have bleached the floors, remodeled the kitchen and bath, but still can't figure out where they're coming from as of July, According to Robert Ripley, the origin of the term " Pot head " for a drunk began in Korea, where the king ordered all men to wear a pot on their head in public and to be arrested if they were too drunk to keep it from falling off.

Since , it has been illegal to mail children in the U. Postal system after someone actually did it. In Oklahoma it used to be illegal to take a bite from someone else's hamburger In Great Britain, there is still a law on the books that a citizen placing a postage stamp picturing the Queen upside down can be arrested and charged with treason. The world's tallest flagpole is ' tall in Aqaba, Jordan , flying a flag that commemorates the Arab revolt instigated by Lawrence of Arabia. It was the nickname given to an Indian brave who crossed into Mexico and is Spanish for Gerald.

In , thirty-four Cambodian villagers emerged from the jungle after living in hiding for 25 years since the Vietnam war of It takes 2 seconds for a cheetah to reach 45mph, faster acceleration than any racecar or jet fighter ever made! The charges against Joan of Arc for which she was burned at the stake included "disobeying her parents.


Bernard Tunnel 40 degrees below zero is the same temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The metric system originally included a ten-day week, but French workers threatened to riot if they only got one day off in ten. In ancient matches between a bull and a tiger in a pit, the tiger always lost to the enraged bull The Taj Mahal made out of matchsticks. Thanksgiving Day was celebrated first in Canada, in the year , 45 years before the Pilgrims.

The first Thanksgiving celebrated in New England was in Jamestown, VA, on December 3, , one year before the Pilgrims in Plymouth Sauerkraut was invented in China about 3, years ago by fermenting cabbage with wine. Later, Germans adopted it but substituted saltwater for the wine. Kimchi, also spelled gimchi or kimchee, is a traditional Korean fermented dish made of vegetables. Early kimchi was made of cabbage and salted water only, and U.

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Also available: javascript. It had been there since the plexiglas of his bomber was shattered by enemy fire and the doctor was astounded that there was no infection He tried to implant an artificial intraocular lens IOL made of this same plastic, to replace a cataractous lens removed by surgery, but the implants didn't work well and were abandoned. German soldiers in WW2 had worn hard contact lenses because wearing glasses was forbidden.

A Czech doctor came up with a way of producing plastic lenses in that could be worn without surgery.

After ten years of testing, the FDA approved soft-plastic contact lenses in , the same year that Ridley retired. Father Gabriel Richard of Detroit is the only Catholic Priest ever elected to Congress A penny made of solid gold would weigh two and a half times as much as one of solid copper.

Chinese playing cards are called "fighting sticks. The transcontinental Canadian National Railroad is 3 miles longer in summer than winter due to expansion of its steel rails by the sun.

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In France, a woman who has borne children to a man but never married him, can legally do so after his death. In WW2, an armor-piercing bullet hit PFC Allen Fuehrer in Lembach, France, but didn't kill him: Ripley says the bullet passed thru a hand grenade in his pocket without exploding it and then thru the Bible, before slightly wounding him.

Queen Min of Korea was murdered and her body burned by Japanese invaders in but after they left, the bone of her little finger was found so the city of Seoul made a the Tomb of the Finger, which Ripley visited in India has the world's longest constitution at , words; while the United States has the world's shortest and oldest written constitution A bulldog owned by Ludwig Hausing manager of the theatre in Glogau, Germany was trained to growl ominously when it heard the word "advance" mentioned to discourage actors from asking for an advance on their pay.

Surgery has been performed for many centuries, but anesthesia wasn't invented until Outer space is not a total vacuum--even in deep space between galaxies, scientists estimate there is at least one atom per cubic yard. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, divided into woody sections called inter-nodes by joints called nodes; the upper nodes divide off into parallel branches, which is why the term is used in computer networking.

Japanese Timber Bamboo can reach heights of 45 feet and Moso Bamboo can grow 60 feet high. So, do you feel lucky? Don Ritchie of Australia lives near a cliff overlooking Sydney Harbor, and so far has talked people out of committing suicide off the cliff. The national anthem of Bangladesh was written in as a protest song, against separation from India!

Aborigines don't need sugar: they gather sugary sweet scales of the Manna Gum Tree created on its trunk by tiny insects Anyone who sneezed or yawned in the presence of Burma's King Narathihapate was beheaded. The massive Abbey of Burton in Staffordshire, England, was built solely to reassure the populace that the world wasn't going to end in the year Pennsylvania preacher Sylvester Graham, after whom the Graham Cracker is named, was convinced that a craving for whiskey could be cured by eating bread baked with bran.

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The Brooklyn Bridge, America's first suspension bridge built with wire cables, contains more than tons of defective steel in them, and its New York tower rests on sand. When John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in he was only 29 years old and was mistaken for an elevator operator when he arrived in the Capital Building. US elections are always held on a Tuesday because of a law passed in , allowing religious people who refuse to travel on Sunday time to get to the polls even if they lived a day's travel away.

Falkner, Mississippi, was named for John W.

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The horsepower locomotive had been developed as a joint project of General Electric and Ingersoll-Rand. Castle Dangerous of Scotland, made famous by Sir Walter Scott's novel, was seized by English soldiers 3 times in the 14th century and each time its owner, Sir James Douglas, attacked and burned it to the ground.

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